Virtual Reality pioneering company Oculus Rift issued a press release late last week announcing the debut of the “Trump’s Hair” VR experience that will be debuting on its operating system just in time for the holiday season.

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“Trump’s Hair” will allow users an unaccompanied stroll through the many follicles of President Trump, allowing gamers to choose their direction and destination.

Various levels can be explored, including “Left Skull Mole 3,” “Top of Ear” and “Dry Flaky Neck.”

Oculus Rift was able to secure exclusive rights to a complete scan of the President’s dome and has ensured that every square inch of the experience is true to life.

Rift CEO Brendan Iribe sent us this statement, “We think users expect and deserve a premium, flawless VR experience when it comes to Trump’s head, and that’s just what this will provide. We’re most excited for the final level, where users will realize that his hair is simply one very long piece of yellow string from a 1970’s afghan that has been spun around his skull like a million times.”

Some complaints have surfaced from the VR gamers, however, claiming there “isn’t much to do” once inside Trumps’s head. One gamer went so far as to say “The game promised that when neurons in the brain fire and thought processes are occurring, we can see these as virtual “sparks” and it would be an ‘amazing light show’. So far, the only sparks I saw were when I looked down at the hot ass of the girl taking the tour in front of me.”

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