In the midst of political divide, a booming economy and the globalization of the world’s workforce in 2018, United States recognized state North Dakota briefly forgot it was a state this past August.

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“Damned if I completely forgot we were part of the world’s strongest nation and recognized leader of the free world, the United States of America” commented North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who has served in office since 2016.

And it wasn’t just Burgum. Hundreds of North Dakota residents reportedly became unaware of their participation in the country’s affairs.

“I remember watching the news a bunch and hearing about the guy from The Apprentice, and then there was a show on with Roseanne Barr and all of a sudden, I was just…kind of not thinking that our little state was a part of this whole deal” commented Bismarck, North Dakota resident Cheryl Huxley.

Though often overlooked, North Dakota has become on of the great American stories of the last decade. With rising job opportunities, a healthy real estate market and a welcoming visitors program, the state continued to rise in the eyes of the rest of the country – with it’s residents unaware it was part of a bigger picture.

“Shoot – I only just recently remembered North Dakota was a thing – and that was after seeing a friend from South Dakota,” said resident Marcia Binks. “When I asked her how life in South Dakota was, a little, very dim light went off in my head, and I thought to myself, oh that’s right, we’re in North Dakalaka aren’t we.”

No discernable difference has been noted in the local lifestyle, economy or state morale. A bold indifference has simply become part of the norm for citizens of the much forgotten about state.

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