Claiming it is “the world’s first crowdsourced marketing strategy,” Republican advertising agency “STAX + LINEZ” debuted their proposal for the future brand positioning of the Republican Party.

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“We were super stoked to get the gig,” said agency representative Ashley Harrington (noted on her business card as ‘Social Media Maven’) “so we all got in a room, had some tacos and brews and just kind of brainstormed and crowdsourced some fun stuff from social media, you know?”

The “fun stuff,” centrally focused on a 3” x 11” black bumper sticker emblazoned with the word DEMOCRAPS in white lettering.

“We thought about something that said ‘Democrats Suck’ or like ‘Democrats Are Virgins’ but then we were really able to refine the message to just one word” said Harrington.

The revolutionary marketing strategy includes hyperlocal partnerships with classic rock and roll radio stations throughout the country for “Bumper Sticker Stops and Chicks Without Tops” events to be held starting this October.

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