US President Donald Trump welcomed Tuesday reports that North Korea has started dismantling facilities at its main satellite launch station, which is seen as a testing ground for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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New satellite imagery shows, however, something new recently added to a landscape that should be diminishing: a 50-foot high statue of what appears to be a middle finger.

President Trump is vehemently denying this, however.

“I have seen the statue, and it is indeed mysterious and puzzling. I have confirmed it is not a rocket of any kind. I have also consulted with experts who all believe it was erected to show that North Korea believes USA is #1, and giving us an index-finger display of this. Crooked Hillary said it’s the bird. Let me tell you something… she would know, wouldn’t she?”

“New satellite imagery shows that North Korea has indeed begun the process of dismantling a key missile site, and we appreciate that,” Trump also said during a veterans event in Kansas City, Missouri, showing the crowd “Before” and “After” photos.

US-based website 38 North published imagery Monday indicating that Pyongyang has been active this past week, working on the missile site. But are they really dismantling anything, people are asking.

“A flower pot has clearly been removed in the After photo. It was here last week, now it’s not. Also, a trashcan is clearly gone as well. A broom closet has also been completely cleared out inside the building, as well as the several toilets flushed. These images are entirely consistent with commitments Kim made to the USA during our summit in Singapore.”

When asked again about the mysterious statue, Trump replied, “We welcome the building of this new statue symbolizing our continued peace and commitment with North Korea. It’s always good to see Chairman Kim flipping us some praise, for a change.”

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