Steven Seagal and Cinemax have announced a very minor motion picture which will be debuting this Fall, “sometime after 3am on a Tuesday night” as reported by Gray Walkin, the film’s producer.

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Walkin, who wrote, directed, and produced the movie, was particularly attracted to the project because of Seagal’s acting abilities.

“He is a very underrated actor, capable of such complex emotions and noises. Take for example, the scene we’re shooting now. The script called for Mr. Seagal to say “Argh”, but he went completely off script and improvised the scene, instead saying “Ahhh!”. That instinctual appetite of his is ever so consuming. He literally steals every scene in the movie. Of course, he’s in every scene of the movie, his contract was very clear about that.”

Tommy Lee Jones is back, playing “Robert Mollier”, who leads an investigation against the President, and his possible collusion with Russia.

Steven Seagal was quick to point out that the President in the movie was not President Trump.

“It’s a fictional story. But I would like to state for the record, there is no collusion in the film, or in reality. This film is going to make America Great Again. No one is above the law, punk. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to my pushups. My body is a temple.”

Gary Busey was asked to guest star in the 3rd film, but declined, stating for the record, “Em biggle tada, brah hah hah” and then attacking Walkin, who issued a 500 mile restraining order against Busey.

Walkin was nice enough to give Politicule a short preview of the upcoming film, we hope you’ll enjoy:

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